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Optional Accessories

ILVE accessories are exclusively designed to work with ILVE ranges and cooktops to enhance the cooking experience. Be sure to view our Videos page to see all of the ILVE accessories at work.

  • griddle cover

    grilling steam remains inside the cover for more tender foods and prevents splatter when frying

  • basins for steam cooking

    composed of 2 containers with 2 lids

  • bain-marie

    composed of 3 compartments with lids for use heating/simmering foods

  • chopping board

    solid 1 1/8 " thickness. seats into griddle.

  • cast iron steak pans

    ribbed large | flat large
    ribbed small | flat small

  • wok-ring

    distributes heat perfectly for stir frying

  • gas barbeque grill

    use on griddle models only

  • grate for large oval burner

    (included with most models) good for large pots and fish poachers

  • wrap around toe kick

    slide-in panel for Majestic ranges only

  • easy glide oven racks

    2 sliding trays on ball bearings for easy positioning

  • stainless steel backsplash

    stainless steel for easy cleanup and to protect surfaces

  • warming shelf for backsplash

    for use with ILVE range hoods - keeps food warm under infrared warming lamps